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AnyWhereMobile™ makes mobile payments a reality for half the fees of plastic payments

Receive payments from anyone in the U.S. with no hidden fees. Pay half the fees of traditional payment systems. No credit or debit cards are involved which is how we keep our fees so low. Reduce fraud because AnyWhereMobile payments are just like cash, and funds are secured in real time. Protect yourself and your customers. AnyWhereMobile's payment technology keeps things secure and ensures the funds are secured at the time of the transaction.

How it Works for Merchants


1. PaymentPoints

Create PaymentPoint bar codes for each of your registers and place the PaymentPoint bar codes at each place of purchase.


2. Scan Bar Code

The register will alert you when a customer has scanned the PaymentPoint.


3. Enter Amount

Enter the amount of the transaction into the register.


4. Receipt & Review

The receipt for will appear once the customer has approved it. You can review transactions, reports, and issue refunds from the register.

What fees and transaction limits are associated with using AnyWhereMobile for business?

Just .15 per transaction, effectively cutting your interchange fees in half.

How long does it take to process a payment?

Depending on your financial institution, transactions may clear within seconds or take up to 4 days to complete, still faster than mailing a check. Plus, we offer next-day bank transfers for approved partners.

Do my customers need AnyWhereMobile accounts to send me payments?

Yes, your customers will need to set up an AnyWhereMobile account with a participating financial institution.

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