Relationship Rewards CD

Team One Credit Union Relationship Rewards CD

Get up to a .20% APY increase on a new CD!

Your increase is based on the number of products you have with us. For each qualifying product you have with us, you will get up to a .05% APY increase on a new CD.
1 Product = .05% APY Increase
2 Products = .10% APY Increase
3 Products = .15% APY Increase
4 Products = .20% APY Increase

Qualifying products for Relationship Rewards CD include:
  • Active* Debit Card with Checking Account, Active* Visa Credit Card, a Consumer Loan(2 Consumer Loans only count as 1 product, not 2), or Home Loan product (Mortgage or Home Equity Loan).
*Active status for Debit Cards is based on at least one transaction in the last 30 days. Active status for Credit Cards is based on any activity, including making a payment, in the last 30 days.

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