Relationship Rewards

We appreciate you for choosing Team One first and want to reward you for your continued support!

Relationship Rewards is simple to use! Your discount is based on the number of products you have with us, and the more you do, the more that you can save… up to 1% on your new qualifying loan.

Number of eligible products* for a discount:

.25% APR** DISCOUNTED rate!

.50% APR** DISCOUNTED rate!

.75% APR** DISCOUNTED rate!

1.00% APR** DISCOUNTED rate!

Have ScoreCard points to use?

Just redeem 50,000 ScoreCard Rewards points to receive an additional .25% APR** discount on your next loan!

You can receive up to a maximum of 1% APR** discount on your next qualifying loan!

For even more Relationship Rewards click here to learn about our Relationship Rewards CD.

*Eligible services include: Debit Card with Checking Account, Team One Visa Credit Card, Consumer Loan, Mortgage, and Home Equity Loan. Indirect loans are not eligible. See Team One for complete details.
**APR = Annual Percentage Rate