HELOC and Fixed Home Equity Loans

With home values at historic highs, you probably have untapped equity in your home.

Did you know that you can use that equity for:
  • Home Improvements and Appliance Upgrades
  • High-rate Debt Consolidation
  • Dream Vacation, Wedding, or College Expenses
  • And Much More!
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Do you know there are two kinds of Home Equity loans?

A HELOC**  provides a pool of money that you can draw from as needed. You can use as much or as little as you need, similar to a credit card. HELOCs typically feature a “draw period” during which you can borrow multiple times. During the draw period, you have the option to make small payments on your debt.

Plus, no closing costs!

For flexibility: A HELOC allows you to borrow and repay numerous times over the time period. Getting money is as easy as accessing your online banking or stopping in to a convenient branch location—you don’t need to apply every time you need more funding. Pay off the balance when you’re able to do so, and borrow again if needed.

**$100 nonrefundable application fee. However, if getting a mortgage and HELOC at the same time, $100 application fee is waived. $50 annual fee is assessed yearly at the beginning of the second year. Mobile homes are not eligible.
A Fixed Home Equity Loan* gives you a lump sum. You receive the entire amount in one transaction.

Because you receive everything at once, a home equity loan can provide funding for large expenses. If you’re paying multiple expenses or paying over time you can keep any excess amount in your checking account, and spend as needed.

You repay most home equity loans with fixed monthly payments. The interest rate is typically fixed, helping to provide predictable, level monthly payments.

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For predictability: A home equity loan works when you know exactly how much you need and you want predictability when it comes to repayment. Your monthly payments won’t rise if rates increase.

*Applicable fees may apply including minimal closing costs. $100 application fee. Mobile homes are not eligible.