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Scam Prevention

Detect and Protect: Guard Against Scams

In today's digital age, the complexity of scams continues to grow, with bad actors becoming increasingly strategic and sophisticated in their approaches. Some of the most common schemes involve fraudulent phone calls, text message (smishing), or emails (phishing) aiming to get the recipient to click on a link or reply with personal information. At Team One Credit Union, we understand the importance of staying ahead of these evolving threats.

We are dedicated to helping to educate our Members about the dangers of scams.

With scammers using advanced techniques to deceive and defraud unsuspecting individuals, it is more crucial than ever to be vigilant and skeptical of any suspicious communication or request for information. Team One aims to equip Members with all the necessary guidance and tools to help protect against scammers and their deceptive tactics.

Here are some tips to keep your information guarded:

Strong Password | Team One Credit Union

Use strong passwords

  • Create unique, strong passwords for each of your accounts.
  • Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Avoid using easily-guessable information, such as your name or birthdate.

Personal Information | Team One Credit Union

Be cautious with personal information

  • Only provide personal information on secure websites.
  • Be wary of sharing personal information on social media platforms, as it can be used by hackers to gain access to your accounts.

Unfamiliar Links | Team One Credit Union

Exercise caution with unfamiliar websites and email links

  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links in emails, text messages, or social media.
  • Hover your cursor over a link to see the actual web address before clicking.
  • Look for URLs that begin with "https" and feature a lock icon (pictured below) before entering person information. Additionally, secure website seals may also be an indicator that the site is trusted & verified.
    Secure Website | Team One Credit Union 

Unfamiliar Contacts | Team One Credit Union

Be skeptical of unexpected contact

  • Be cautious of unsolicited phone calls, emails, or messages asking for personal or financial information.
  • REMINDER: Team One Credit Union will never contact you and ask for your personal information. Do not provide personal account details unless you have initiated the contact or are certain of the legitimacy of the request.

Online Shopping | Team One Credit Union

Be cautious when shopping online

  • Shop only from reputable, well-known online retailers.
  • Verify the legitimacy of a website before making a purchase.
  • Use secure payment methods, such as credit cards or trusted payment platforms such as Paypal, Apple Pay, or Amazon Pay.

Take Action | Team One Credit Union

Take action

  • Trust your instincts. If something feels off, take precautions.
  • Contact the company directly through their own official website or customer service number to verify any requests or confirmations.

If you think you may have provided personal information to a disreputable source, act quickly. Contact your banking provider to ensure than your card details have not been compromised.

At Team One Credit Union, we are here to support and guide you in protecting your personal information. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. The security of your personal information is our top priority.